Sunday, January 17, 2010

camera kamera antik vintage terkini (for sale)

1. Kamera Camera Kodak instamatic pocket 20 vintage, antik, old lama

Price: RM90 sold to firdaus pahang

Made in US (1972)

Good condition.

- Mechanical shutter with an unique speed in 1/100 sec., commutes automatically to 1/40 sec. when using a Magicube.
- Lens with three coated lentils, opening to 9,5
- Identifying: "Kodak" on the frontal panel and identifying "pocket NSTAMATIC 20 camera" engraved on the top panel.
- shutter release button in red plastic.
- Dimensions: 125(L) x 57(W) x 27(H) mm / 4.9(L) x 2.2(W) x 1.1(H) inches
- cover camera concluded

- best for collection

1. Camera RICOH AD1 original from Japan
Price : RM210 (booked my brother)

- including camera & lens cover , and manual instruction.
- Film: 35mm color rikenon f2.8 lens / 3 groups 4 elements
- other features: date-inprinting, indication of winging power, self timer, tripod socket, and cable socket
- condition: all work, and good
- Power Source - Camera: 2 X button cell (AG13) batteries. (included)

- can nego

***postage plus RM5*

2. Polaroid Autofocus 660
Price : not for sale
- condition (unknown)


3. Komik Dewata Raya edisi 16 - 31
RM8 SOLD (Sufi, Penang)

komik dewata raya yg susah nk ada skrg ni..
- masih elok lg
- cod in gelugor penang area
- shipping RM3

1 comment:

  1. abg ku..
    ricoh ad1 tu function well x?
    tolong try tarik winder, pastu click shutter.
    kl function dgn baik, doi amek..
    bestprice utk adik mu yg kacak ni..haha
    bleh bg rege kat emel doi k.